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and record data

ALM 33

The ALM 33 is the mid-end model in the Krykard ALM 3X Series.

Why ALM 33?

It is a step ahead of the ALM 31 in terms of its accuracy class & width of use. It can be used not only for Power and Energy studies, but also for fairly detailed PQ analysis.

ALM 33 is the perfect choice over ALM 31 if you need:

  • Compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 measurement standard under Class B
  • Transients on V & I (>78μs) phase-wise with programmable thresholds
  • Sequence of Harmonics (zero, -ve,  +ve)
  • Alarms (upto 4,000 alarms can be stored from 30 different parameters)

Great for:

  • Harmonic & PQ Studies
  • Power & Energy Audits
  • Maintenance & Trouble-shooting

IEC 61010 | CATIV 600V Safety standard

Distortion Power Calculation




Standards for Performance & Safety

Complies with IEC 61000-4-30 measurement standard under Class B

High electrical safety standards

 IP 53 rating protection

IK 08 protection against shocks as per EN 62262

Fall – 1m as per IEC 61010-1

Kensington Security Slot

For anti-theft protection –

Ideal for engineers on the move

Unmatched Ease and User Experience that enhances your effectiveness

Multi tasking ability for simultaneous

Data Logging,

Alarm recording,

Harmonic Analysis,

Transient recording,

Capturing Screenshots and Downloading of Data to a PC –

You can do more in less time

Auto CT recognition

Choose from 9 different CTs for measurement

CT/PT ratios are field programmable

Hindi Language option for operation

Color TFT display having a clear wide angle view

Hindi Language Option



Night-view for comfortable viewing in low-light conditions

Meets IEC 61000-4-30 Measurement Standard

PQ Expert Mode


Flexibility to set different Transient threshold levels for V & I on each phase

ALM 33

ALM 33

ALM 33

ALM 33

ALM 33

ALM 33

Voltage & current inputs fitted with Colour-coded rings for easy

identification & connection







Battery   backup upto

13 hours for operation &

40 hours for data logging

Record just what you want

Quick one-touch Data Recording

 sets of pre-recorded configuration for data logging


Start & Stop keys for quick energy recording

Record selected

measurement data over

many weeks

ALM 33

Capture up to 4,000 alarms on any of 30 different types of parameters

Complete Freedom to Select Parameters, Time

Interval and Duration


½ cycle RMS for V, U & I1s RMS for other parameters

ALM 33

Record up to 12 screenshots (pictures)

 Capture up to 50 transients (4 cycles each)

ALM 33

Record data or capture events or pictures – all at the same time

Software for effective analysis

PAT and DataView software for

Data Download, Real-time Views and Report Generation

Direct recording on PC with DataView software

Export data to Spread sheet

A wide range of

Predefined report

models available for quick printing



Free with instrument

Clamp options

Measure    Protect    Conserve

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