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Stabilisers for Residences

A beautiful home even with the best of equipment cannot deliver the experience of comfort and luxury if the equipment does not function properly. Poor quality of voltage impacts homes on a regular basis. Providing regulated voltage to the building has become a necessity for the following benefits:

Enable expensive& hi-tech equipment gadgets to perform to their design capacity and minimise break-down Provide better quality & comfort of a fully functional home not impacted by voltage fluctuations

Provide aesthetic, non-intrusive equipment, which can be installed away from the active living areas so as to not clash with the design of the interiors


True RMS Voltage sensing for regulation

Micro controller based electronic circuit for precise correction and value added features

Measures voltage (output & input), output current & frequency

Records minimum & maximum voltage and maximum current (1 sec avg)

Convenient service bypass arrangement for minimum disturbance to operations even in the worst case

Upgradable for power & energy monitoring with communication to integrate with your energy management system

High performance -

works for decades

Complete protection against over/under voltage, 1-phasing, overload, spikes, short circuit

High efficiency, low maintenance costs — lowest life cycle cost

Measure    Protect    Conserve

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