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Quality makes a difference

KRYKARD Servo Stabilisers have been setting the standard in the industry for product design and quality in over 300,000 installations since 1985.

Full rated Stabilisers

Stabilisers designed to its rated capacity -Underrating of Stabiliser decreases efficiency and compromised long term reliability

After sales Support

No questions asked guarantee

Wide service network

Service response within 6 hours in Service towns and within 24 hours in the same State

Comprehensive AMC regardless of the age of the Stabiliser

True RMS Correction

Microprocessor based control system for measurement and correction

Min & Max V and Max A record

Voltage, Current and Frequency measured

Protection that saves money & time

Overload trip uses a unique current sensing circuit -superior to MCB protection

Standard protection - under/ over voltage, overload, 1-phasing trip, spike suppressor & short circuit

Surge suppressor, RCCB, Input high voltage & Phase sequence trip are optional features

Measure    Protect    Conserve

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